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Profit Shares & Fundraising

Rectangle slide with Cha Community Waco mural in the background. A red colored square with white text in the center states "Cha Community Profit Share $1.00 from every drink sale $2.00 from every dumpling box sale goes to the organization!" White-colored icons of boba tea and dumplings are at the center of the graphic. A white colored small version of Cha Community's brand logo is at the right corner of the slide.


We love giving back to our community through Profit Share events and fundraising. Profit Shares are available for community organizations, including non-profit organizations and student groups! We give $1 per boba drink and $2 per food box ordered when guests mention your Profit Share event during your requested Profit Share day(s) and timeframe at our boba tea cafes in Waco or Temple, Texas and/or through our food trucks (that can come on-site to your event!). 

Complete our Profit Share request form here to partner with us! We will let you know if you are able to meet your request and will follow-up to coordinate the Profit Share event with your organization. 

For inquiries about other types of fundraising events, potential in-kind donations, and/or event sponsorships, please email us your full event details and request at info@chacommunity.com