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Campus, Non-Profit, & Corporate Events

Cha Community black and white dumpling food truck at an event. A cha-rista is sitting up front waiting for guests.
"First of all, thank you so much for this amazing experience. One thing for sure is that our UMHB students and faculty are in love with the drinks last night. They are so amazing. Again, thank you so much for catering at our UMHB Annual Multicultural Festival event. We are looking forward to any further experience with Cha Community in the future."
-Review following a boba tea bar experience at UMHB from our Cha Community - Temple shop 
Our Cha Community team has extensive experience providing catering and events through drop-off catering, our boba tea bar, and mobile boba tea and food trucks throughout Centra Texas. Whether you are needing a boba tea bar experience set-up to reward your team, dumpling and food lunchboxes for your next student and/or office meeting event, or wanting our food trucks to bring food and boba tea for the thousands, we are here to co-create community with your group and to make your event a delicious experience!

Our Asian American & immigrant-owned small business handles campus, non-profit organization, and corporate events as small as 20 to the thousands. We have provided catering & food truck event services to small towns and larger cities throughout Central Texas ranging from Waco, Temple, Belton, and Austin, Texas. We offer pick-up, drop-off catering services, boba tea bars, and boba tea and/or food truck services for groups with a variety of price points to meet your organization needs. We have organization pre-purchase boba tea and food for their groups and also bring our food trucks on-site to organizations to sell our boba tea and/or food for larger events. 

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