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Dumpling Workshops

Dumpling Night Workshop at the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Waco, Texas pre-COVID-19 pandemic August 2019

Cha Community Dumpling Night Workshops began in 2019 - prior to us having our own space in downtown Waco, Texas. Our pop-up workshops were located throughout the Waco community hosted in organizations, including at the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Startup Waco. We also hosted privately booked Dumpling Workshops for organizations and nonprofits in Waco looking to book a fun team building activity. 

Using the original recipe from our co-owner and CEO Devin Li's grandfather, we sought to walk out in our mission of bridging cultures and create community through delicious handcrafted Chinese dumplings!

We unfortunately had to pause all in-person workshops for 2 years from March 2020 to March 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In lieu of of the in-person workshops in Waco, we pivoted our workshops to at-home Dumpling Kits, frozen grab and go dumplings for at-home cooking, lunch and dinner service, and our Cha Community Dumpling Food Truck along with Virtual Dumpling workshops.

We were extremely excited that we had the opportunity - once again! - to re-launch our Dumpling Night Workshops summer 2022. This time, in both of our Cha Community stores in Waco, Texas, and Temple, Texas! 

Dumpling Folding at a Dumpling Night Workshop. The Dumplings are lined in a row on a parchment paper.

Our Cha Community in-store Dumpling Workshops are offered in-person or virtually, as scheduled. The best way to stay in the know about our next scheduled in-person Cha Community store Dumpling Night Workshop registration is to follow our social media channels and to sign up for our Cha Community newsletter.

What should guests expect at our workshops?

During our Dumpling Workshops, our team will teach you how to fold, cook, and eat our delicious handcrafted Chinese dumplings! You will leave with not only the technique of how to make our handcrafted Chinese dumplings, but also with the collective experience of learning this in community. We provide guests with a boba tea bar, Taiwanese and Chinese vegetable side dishes to pair with the dumplings, and conversation questions at every table. Vegetarian dumpling options, are available upon registration. Because of the nature of Chinese traditional dumpling recipes being flour-based, we do not provide gluten-free options. 

Last, but not least, all guests leave with Devin's grandfather's Dumpling Recipe so that you can continue making dumplings at-home with your family and friends. Of course, if you are short on time, you can always order our at-home Dumpling Kits with pre-prepped ingredients online, our grab & go Frozen Dumplings for easy at-home preparation, and/or enjoy our freshly prepared dumpling boxes at the Waco Downtown Farmer's Market and/or at our downtown Waco shop. Our Temple food operations is coming summer 2023. 


Last, but not least, private Dumpling Workshops are privately-held team building events booked by non-profits, schools, churches and other community organizations that are seeking to bridge cultures and create community through handcrafted Chinese dumplings! We offer full-scale and mini private Dumpling Workshops in person and virtually to teams and/or groups of ideally 15-40 individuals - scheduled on-site or virtually with your organization. We will work with your group to schedule a time that works best for everyone. Please note, Private Dumpling Workshops are scheduled dependent on our team's availability! Location of private workshops must have electric outlets, refrigeration, and sink access. 

Email us today at info@chacommunity to inquire about booking a potential private Dumpling Workshop for your team, group, and/or organization! We look forward to curating a memorable experience!