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Our Story

Cha Community (formerly Waco Cha) was inspired after a season of learning to cook and create community through food and tea. As Asian Americans with Chinese and Taiwanese immigrant backgrounds, our co-owners Devin and Jaja had difficulties finding the food and drinks they grew up loving in Central Texas. In addition, finding Asian American inclusion and representation was a challenge.

With committed passions for authentic Chinese and Taiwanese food and beverages and the values of diversity, community, and courage, our co-owners dreamed of a small business in 2017 with a mission of bridging cultures and creating community. While they did not yet have a full business plan created at that time, they held onto an inspiring business mission and values alongside boba tea (also know as bubble milk tea) and family food recipes tested out in their home kitchen.

After submitting an application for a boba tea pop-up idea to the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market, the business idea was waitlisted. (chá) - the Chinese word for “tea” - was incorporated both into the name for the business and the original logo.

After over a year of waiting, the original Waco Cha boba tea pop-up idea was finally accepted into the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market and launched on Saturday, June 16, 2018 in a small 10’ by 10’ tent.

After one full year at the farmer’s market, Waco Cha's boba tea pop-up tent grew to sustain and launch the first-ever mobile boba tea truck in downtown Waco summer 2019. Waco Cha sought to create community through catering and events - including Board Game and Boba Nights and Dumpling Night Workshops - using original recipes from Devin’s grandfather - around Waco. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a halt to many of the events.

Spring 2020 - in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic - Waco Cha's first storefront opened in downtown Waco at 1001 Franklin Ave. An additional dumpling food concept pop-up tent opened at the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market summer 2020.

Summer 2021, our co-owner Devin Li and small business was recognized as a Forbes Next 1000 Honoree. This award was given by Forbes to "bold and inspiring entrepreneurs who are redefining what it means to run a business today." This national recognition was such an honor!

In the Fall of 2021, Waco Cha rebranded to the updated business name "Cha Community" to better encompass Cha's continued mission, values, and vision -- bridging cultures and creating community through premium boba tea, pan-fried dumplings, and fast-casual Taiwanese and Chinese food options. With the values of community, diversity, and courage, the rebrand was a major kickoff to continuing to create community throughout Waco and beyond!

On Friday March 4, 2022, Cha Community opened their second storefront in downtown Temple, Texas at 7 N Main St (right across the Temple City Hall)! Follow Cha Community - Temple shop's Facebook page here to learn more about the Temple shop happenings!

Spring 2022, Baylor University invited Cha Community on campus inside the Baylor student center (SUB) for 3 months for the the first rotation of Revolve pop-up shop concepts. Cha Community has since returned on campus each year subsequent spring semesters in 2023 and 2024.

Out of a continued vision to co-create Asian community and cultural events throughout Waco, our co-owners Devin & Jaja co-founded Asian Leaders Network (ALN) alongside fellow Asian leaders in Waco, TX summer 2022. ALN received official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status summer 2023 and co-hosted the first-ever Year of the Dragon Lunar New Year Market with the Waco Downtown Farmer's Market February 10, 2024. Learn more about Asian Leaders Network here.

Cha Community continues to bridge cultures and create community through the two boba tea cafe shop spaces in downtown Waco and Temple and through the Cha truck and food truck catering and events.

As a woman-owned, Asian American and immigrant-owned, boba tea cafe small business, it is our joy to continue increasing representation for Asian culture and cuisine throughout Central Texas through Cha Community boba tea cafes!

Follow Cha Community's continued small business journey today through Cha's social media Instagram page here and overall Facebook page here.