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Catering & Events

Black-colored text that states "Cha Community Catering" in with an image of Cha Community's food truck in the background.
A yellow slide that has 4 black-lined square grids. Grid one states "Gallon serves 10" and has a gallon jug, Grid 2 states "Boba Bar serves 30-70" with a boba cup and scoop, Grid 3 states "Boba Truck serves 75+ with a truck icon, and grid 4 states "Interested in both drinks & dumplings? There are options for that on the food catering request form!"
Yellow slide with 4 black-lined square grids. Grid 1 states "Dumpling Bar serves 10-50" and has a dumpling icon, Grid 2 states "Dumplings & Boba serves 30-70" with a dumpling and boba tea icon, Grid 3 states "Dumpling Truck serves 50+" with a food truck icon, and Grid 4 states "We look forward to creating community with you at your next event!"


Yellow image slide with black-colored text at the center that states "Looking to have boba and/or dumplings at your next event? Plan your event button"
4 collage images of catering including a catered dumpling lunch for a group of 6 individuals, Cha Community boba tea at a wedding, a group of 4 individuals enjoying boba tea in Downtown Waco, and a boba tea birthday party.